Vocabulary Use In Essay

Your topic sentence is like the point right your heaviness is substantiated is your evidence yeah and the explanations would be like you know the vegetables and sauces to smooth the knowledge of your argument and finally you’ve got your name in the concluding sentence now it comes down to this it comes down to this ladies and gentlemen which is you will be able to sue anyone for English only read you show that you can paraphrase he turns right effectively and dentistry could vocabulary let  have a look to see what we mean by that in terms of paragraphs lesson a quick look right now said it  be great paragraph which you want to be avoiding looks something like this yeah.

They are going to refer to how money let  see an argument let  say you talk about future this one teacher help you then money can sometimes for you to do yeah so let  fight it so let  have a topic sentence so also man is not the beautiful people because it is used to do good now what might be wrong with it do good yes so do we see some people here are noticing that this is lacking because this one it  a big thing is you go to go right so do it to a missed good well yes okay but would be the most specific intention we want to improve now don’t we so if we can diagnose ourselves let  try to find something yeah so if you look any know this candidate continues okay this is 110 disease problems like what people are not the proper poverty income maybe that might be before that you being in abject poverty but okay so notice this technique continues and disease there are very common in many parts of the world.

Today we need a lot of money to help people actually many rich people have very kind now in sorts of ideas and slightly off notice just by his academic sense but you know good little words bastardy so he for example and this a candidate tries to gives its out okay let  give this is let  give him a penny right okay exactly right so there is bill keys in a very manual who is giving son the paragraphs right so b12 special what exactly did they do all these questions right should be a very very naturally your mind right so they kind of it continues not all of them are City has money another way to keep repeating it for the Hamptons time that is very annoying right ladies right is this very strange it just keeps any money  not do or even yes we know that right you give us any bright let  forget an a great Hera profit furthermore well he knows we use analysis which benefit society because we know this because yes and they can continue in many halves of the world today and considerable financial resources required to improve the condition of people what seem to make sense yeah and then and this is many four lines of Islam.

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