Research Sources for Research Paper

Where do I find Research Sources?

–  Academic search engines. Many schools and libraries subscribe to academic search engines such as EBSCO or Academic Search Premiere or InfoTrac. These search engines filter results so you only get academic sources that you can be sure are appropriate sources.
– This search engine, available to anyone, also filters results so you only get academic sources. Not every source listed is available online.
–  Library. Print sources from your school or public library that you can’t get online are available here. Asking a librarian for help is a great resource.
–  Internet search. Using a regular search engine such as google or yahoo can turn up appropriate sources, but you have to be very careful to make sure your source is appropriate for an academic research paper.

How do I tell which sources I can use?

–  The best sources are peer reviewed. This means that an article was written by an expert in the field, and reviewed for accuracy by other experts. You will find peer-reviewed articles in scholarly journals.
–  Consider where the information is coming from. Is it from a respected magazine or newspaper? Is it from a journal or reference book? Avoid blogs, personal websites, or work that has not been reviewed or edited.
–  A source should not have an agenda or bias. Avoid sources trying to sell a product or promote a certain idea.

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