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Bear in mind according to the university the correct way to format your title page according to the university like I said if you want to use that running head that’s great if you don’t use it I’m not gonna count off because it’s a publishing tool as we go into the next page you’re probably seeing that something’s missing some of you will point out there’s something missing that is the the abstract once again the abstract is a publishing tool and according to APA formatting it is not necessary unless you are publishing the article or unless your instructor specifically asks for it so here’s my feeling is about abstracts you’re welcome to read in an abstract if you want it will not count as your word count it will not count as your introduction because it is not an introduction it is something completely different. Learn more about formatting onĀ Edusson.

So bear those two things in mind you still have to have an introduction and it will not count towards your word count if you do do an abstract so now for this point forward I’m pretty much gonna mark this paper up exactly like I would mark up a paper as it were submitted to me so kind of bear that in mind I’ll give you a couple things that I’m looking at first of all I don’t go too far with the headers but I do typically look to see that these headers up here they’re carried on from page to page and that you used the header function in your word processor and not just put it on the first line there are specific requirements as to where this goes according to APA if you simply use the header function and make sure that the title of your paper is on the same line as the page you’ll be fine next you’ll see that the title of the paper appears on the first line this is APA format the title of your paper must appear on the first line of your paper.

I know that it’s on your header and I know that it seems redundant but that’s the way APA formatting works so typically what I do is I kind of glance through your paper and then I go back and read it along more fully because this is broken up into different pages that’s a little more difficult to do so we’re just going to read it through the first thing I see here is this introduction you have to have an introduction not saying you don’t however in APA formatting the introduction does not get a heading so you would leave out the words introduction there and simply go from the title of your work right into your introduction paragraph and when you do that it automatically signifies to your reader that that is your introduction because APA expects that there’s an introduction in all of your works so we move on a little bit now we know those papers about hummingbirds.

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